Wednesday, February 22, 2017


Na ambicji poskromienie,
takie oto jest leczenie:
o wyznaczonej ściśle godzinie
zażyj pigułkę, a gdy sie rozplynie,
wtedy porównaj troszkę - twa wielkość z tym małym groszkiem.

Któż jak Bóg! There is One God and no other!!!

Konferencje O. Adama Szustaka, OP

Sluchajmy konferencji o Adama Shustaka, OP

Rekolekcje: Placki z Rodzynkami
Rekolekcje: Dla Niemocnych

Któż jak Bóg! There is One God and no other!!!

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Quote of the day

On the day when you stand before the Almighty God, you will not be judged by the bad things alone you did. You will be judged, most of all, by all the things that you did not do; by all the neglected good; by all the good deeds that you could do but chose not to, that you chose do nothing. On the day of Final Judgment you will be asked to give an account for all deeds you did to others in your entire life. On the day of judgment you will give an account for the neglected love, neglected good, as well as every careless word you spoke.

 - Fr. Larry Richardson

Któż jak Bóg! There is One God and no other!!!

It Will be a Wonderful Homecoming

We do not have our own place anymore
Among all corners of the Earth
Still we are looking for our own place...
and constantly striving for a new one.

But there will come a day
when Someone will knock on my door
and He will tell me: "Come, you have found your home,
Home of Everlasting Love.”

It will be a wonderful Homecoming,
A meeting, which no one yet knows
It will be abiding forever and ever
In the Grace of The Almighty.

Then Everlasting Light and clarity stands before me,
and the darkness will pass away forever,
The Loving presence of the Lord will come to greet me,
In this hour chosen only for me.

- Translation from Bedzie to Piekne Spotkanie by Mocni w Duchu


Któż jak Bóg! There is One God and no other!!!

True Love Lasts Forever

(For all those who lost their loved ones)

Some people say that love is short lived,
But, I say that love lasts forever.

You were given to me, my angel, my true love, my best friend forever.
We had plans, aspired great things;
We wanted to stay and be happy together forever.

I loved you so much;
I wanted to spend my entire life with you by my side. 
I wanted to die with you by me.

But, you were taken away from me way too soon!
So unexpectedly!
In your prime!
In the best time of our lives!
In the middle of a beautiful day!

I was left with unbearable pain, insufferable bitterness, and life-sucking hate!
Only with my tears to keep me company. 

I could not endure that pain!
I did not know how to go on!
I wanted to end it all right there ...

And, then, Jesus came and touched my heart, and gave me the hope that I needed.
I will see you again in Heaven.
He showed me that LOVE, JOY and HAPPINESS are possible even in the worst pain.

So, I turned to Him for help.
And, He helped me,
He healed me,
He put me back up on my feet.

Now, I am strong, and, I can share His healing Love with others. 

I know that I will see you again in the Heavenly Home one day.

Author - my Friend ... someone who lost her Husband, THE LOVE OF HER LIFE!!!


Któż jak Bóg! There is One God and no other!!!

Friday, September 25, 2015


The setting sun now dies away,
and darkness comes at close of day;
your brightest beams, dear Lord, impart,
and let them shine within our heart.
We praise your name with joy this night.
Please watch and guide us till the light;
Joining the music of the blest,
Oh lord, we sing ourselves to rest
To God the Father, God the Son,
And Holy Spirit, Three in One,
Trinity blest, whom we adore,
Be praise and glory evermore.

Któż jak Bóg! There is One God and no other!!!

Andre Rieu

Któż jak Bóg! There is One God and no other!!!

Andre Rieu, that is the best music I have ever heard.  Take a peek.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Obama declares WAR on the Catholic Church!

Któż jak Bóg! There is One God and no other!!!
Obama declares WAR on the Catholic Church!
Our Church’s Future is in DANGER!
Your Religious Freedom Hangs in the Balance!
Dear Faithful Catholic,
Barack Obama has declared WAR on the Catholic Church!
Obama’s order that all Catholic employers must provide contraceptives, sterilization and abortion- causing drugs to their employees is the worst and most chilling in a long line of attacks by the most pro-abortion administration in U.S. history.
This latest attack is so shocking that even many left-wing Catholics complained about it — so many that Obama had to offer what looked like a compromise. Thank God, the U.S. Bishops wisely saw that Obama’s “compromise” was no more than a bookkeeping trick. In fact his “compromise” is even worse than his original plan!
Here’s why: under this phony “compromise,” it’s the insurance companies of Catholic institutions that must provide “free” contraceptives and abortion-causing drugs for their employees. But this is just a “shell game,” because . . .
· “there’s no such thing as a “free lunch” – in the end, it’s still the Catholic institutions that must pay for the immoral, baby-killing coverage
· Obama did NOTHING to remove the Church’s moral objection
· in fact, now there are NO real exemptions at all – not even for Churches!
· and it’s still a direct and unconstitutional attack on our religious liberty
But the Obama administration’s “smoke and mirrors” doesn’t end there. To try and justify its tyrannical mandate for contraception and abortion drugs, it has posted a set of false and misleading claims on the White House blog.
EXPOSED: Obama’s new lies about his “mandate”
Thank God, the U.S. Bishops have posted a document on their Web site that exposes Obama’s lies and reveals the true effects of its appalling attack on religious liberty.
But here’s the 64-dollar question: How many Catholics will ever read it?
It’s time to face some ugly facts: (1) Millions of American Catholics use artificial contraceptives, even though the Church teaches that’s a grave sin. (2) Fifty-four percent of U.S. Catholics voted for pro-abortion Obama. And (3) many “modern” Catholics were surprised that loyal Catholic commentators were so upset by his mandate. And frankly, how can we blame them?
After 40-plus years of poor catechesis, open dissent by theologians, and distortion of Catholic doctrine by the news media, millions of Catholics don’t even KNOW the Church’s real teaching on contraception, let alone understand it!
Why this is such a grave threat to religious liberty
      The media are hiding the truth: this latest attack is perhaps the most serious ever. Because no matter how the media spin it, this attack is NOT primarily about contraception, it’s about religious freedom. The Culture of Death is using government coercion to tell us how to live our Faith!
But how do we stop it when so many American Catholics ignore the Church’s moral teachings on contraception, homosexual “marriage” and even abortion? How do we persuade lukewarm Catholics to fight for their religious liberty when they don’t even go to Holy Mass?
Thank God, there IS a way! Let me explain: I can’t count the times I’ve listened to some gifted Catholic apologist and said to myself, “If only Steve Ray could talk to my friend or family member” or “If only Father Bill Casey were here to explain to them why this is so important.” And THAT is the answer—bringing these experts’ powerful arguments to wishy-washy Catholics! To help you defeat Obama’s mandate, I’ve personally interviewed some of today’s most persuasive Catholic speakers on an exclusive CD that you can share with friends and family to help them see how crucial this fight for religious liberty really is.
How our Catholic “Dream Team” can unite the faithful
to defeat Obama’s “mandate”
Our new CD is called Overcoming the Attack on Religious Liberty, and it features a Catholic “Dream Team:” the well-known, solidly Catholic voices of Father William Casey of the Fathers of Mercy, Jesse Romero, M.A., of the “Reasons for Faith LIVE” radio show, popular author and apologist Stephen K. Ray, and Ignatius Press founder Father Joseph Fessio, S.J.
This unique CD is not just a collection of interviews but a frank, intimate conversation with these powerful Catholic spokesmen. What they reveal on this CD is the same unvarnished truth they’d share with a close personal friend. On this powerful CD, you and others will hear . . .
· why Catholics MUST stand up for their Faith NOW more than ever - while there’s still time
· how Obama’s contraception/abortion mandate is only the first step in a larger plan
· why the government doesn’t “give us rights,” and why rights come from God
· how to make an effective spiritual response to the attack on religious freedom
· what to pray for to end this crisis
· why government subsidies are a “deal with the devil”
· why “An unjust law is NO law,” as the Church has taught for 2,000 years
· why we must obey God rather than men
· what is the real response of the U.S. Bishops to this assault on religious liberty
· what’s in store for our children if we fail!
And all that is just the tip of the iceberg of what you’ll discover in this hard-hitting, no-holds-barred CD. These interviews are straight talk that’s straight from the heart, with nothing held back.
My friend, we have this blockbuster CD, and now all we need is your help to distribute it. So we’ll gladly send you one FREE copy of this unique faith-restoring CD in thanks for your donation of any amount.
If you send a gift of $25 or more, we’ll gratefully send you three of these CDs to distribute to the Catholics in your life who desperately need to hear this message and join the fight. Give them to friends, relatives, co-workers, priests, nuns, teachers, college and high school students.
I If God has blessed you so much that you can contribute $50 or more, we’ll send your three FREE copies of the anti-“mandate” CD, PLUS the three-CD series, Catholic Morality: The Battle for America’s Soul, by Michael Cumbie.
In this eye-opening series, the popular Catholic evangelist reveals what we must do to rapidly restore our country and our beloved Church. Yes, it IS possible! You’ll discover our only hope for transforming our society that’s headed for disaster and for rescuing millions of souls from eternal loss.
This is a moment you and I were born for
The Book of Jude (1:3) commands us to “contend earnestly for the Faith once delivered to the saints.” We must storm Heaven with our prayers, knowing that we can achieve nothing without God’s grace. And we must storm Washington with our protests, knowing full well that “faith without works is dead” (James 2:20). We must follow Bl. Pope John Paul II, who taught us that “Those who possess certain rights have a duty to defend them.”
So please Click Here to make your contirbution and receive your free product. We must not allow Obama and the Culture of Death to force Catholics and other believers to abandon the priceless religious freedom that our Founding Fathers enshrined in the Bill of Rights.
Thank you, dear friend, for your past support, and thank you in advance for your prayers and financial help in this hour of crisis. For all you do to preserve and promote our One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Faith, may Our Lord and His Mother richly bless you and your family.
In Christ and His Blessed Mother,
Terry Barber
P.S. I cannot stress strongly enough the importance and urgency of defeating the Culture of Death’s latest and gravest assault on religious liberty.
We’ve been living with these tragic consequences for years, but now we no longer have to look to Communist China to see the fulfillment of that final prediction – because it’s happening right here, right now!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Who Whitney Houston really was?

Któż jak Bóg! There is One God and no other!!!

Some people get offended when they read or hear Celine Dion talking about W.H. death. But, is it not that the truth? Buy using drugs, alcohol, and that unfortunate marriage of hers, Whitney contributed to her death so much! I feel sorry for that woman. She was such an inspiration, such a beautiful person! What happened there?! Fame happened, just like Celine stated. People do not see it, but Hollywood is not that holly. There is a great evil there. Get out of there as soon as you can!!! And president Obama is not helping either. He thinks that if he pleases the drug addicts, alcoholics, gays, lesbians, killers, abortionists, he will make the world all better. He is WRONG!!! The only person who can make the world better is GOD HIMSELF. People, I beg you, do not forget about GOD, do not push GOD aside. I am so happy that so many people now see that, so many young people. The world is slowly waking up. And please, pray for those who lost do to drugs, alcoholism, and bad life habits. Just like Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, Amy Winehouse, Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, Freddie Mercury, Heath Ledger, Anna Nicole Smith, and many other actors and artists, and many others of whom we never even heard. My question is, what W. Houston did in her life except for singing? Did she support any charity; did she support people in Haiti, Japan, and Africa? Because, so far, I did not hear anything of that sort. If anybody knows, please educate me. Someone called her a hero. What was hero about her? I do not know.

I respect Celine Dion for the fact that she is a great person, mother, wife, and the last the great singer. To me she is not just a singer, she is a human being. And this is what many show-business-people forget. They make themselves, first, everlasting immortal artists, and they forget that they are human beings, and that one day they will die, they will perish. And then they will stand before GOD and they will give full account of their lives and answer for what they did or did not do but could do. People, do not neglect good dids!!! People, do not forget that you will die one day.  That you will stand before The Almighty and Only God and give full accounts of your lives!!!  Do not forget that!!!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Masoneria w walce o "nowego czlowieka"

Oto jak mosoneria manipuluje ludzkoscia!!!

Któż jak Bóg! There is One God and no other!!!